a bit about me:

The Seasoned Woman and the G-SPOT blog were created because online dating sites no longer offer a long form writing option to give people a more in-depth look into who you are.


And yes many people didn't use the diary or blogging feature. In fact many downright despised it, believing that real life dates are the place to do all that. Reveal more about yourself in little bits at a time. Especially if you have the kind of personality quirks and hobbies that online dating gurus think might be "off-putting" to potential dates, ruining your chances of finding that "one special person."


Obviously I am not in that camp.

Btw, I also blog about and promote my passion project:

Chicago South P.A.A.W.S. or Chicago Southland Pet Advocacy and Welfare Society (yep, that's a mouthful and the URL for this site...long story LOL).


Because as you will see from many of my posts and images, empathy, reverence and deep-seated love for animals and nature are entwined within the core of who I am.


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