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We are not an animal shelter or rescue organization so we do not have homeless animals available for adoption.  As part of our efforts to expand animal companionship in people's lives, we identify sheltering, rescue and sanctuary groups to become "Friends of..." which includes making donations  and highlighting animals for adoption.​


Overall, we use our strengths in education, marketing/outreach, and practical action to call attention to animal related causes, organizations, and projects to make a difference in the lives of animals--and people--with a focus on the Chicago Southland.

Consciousness Raising | 01
Mission| 01 Consciousness Raising

Shelters, rescue groups, and national programs have programs to prevent animals from becoming homeless. like identification and microchipping programs, low cost spay/neuter, pet parenting classes and animal behavior help, But we, the public, must use these programs. We are the ones who must make the commitment, and take the actions, to help animals find homes and ensure that we never cause an animal to be unwanted, neglected, abused, or needlessly turn up in an animal shelter.  Not everyone knows what to do or what is available which is where Southland Animal Friends Society comes in. As Maya Angelou is attributed as saying:
Once You Know Better, You Do Better.

Inclusiveness Outreach | 02
Mission | 02 Inclusiveness Outreach

We spread awareness of pet welfare projects and causes-- like Pets for Life. We are also working to build a network of animal lovers, advocates, and activists--especially those whom haven't been typically involved with the animal welfare community. Adopt, foster, sponsor, volunteer, donate, or educate.

Let All Voices Be Heard.

Fundraising & Giving | 03
Mission | 03 Fundraising & Giving

We have not elected to become a registered 501(3) (c) non profit. Yet.  Rather as a social enterprise, we use the profits from our online shop and events to fund giving efforts. We also organize specific projects, like sewing colorful fleece blankets and bandanas and cat catnip toys, and "Pay It Forward" drives.

Small Efforts, Big Rewards

P.R. & Marketing | 04
Mission | 04 Public Relations & Marketing

We want to work with progressive organizations to market pet welfare efforts, including specific animals' needs.  In addition, we are all about promoting the wonderful benefits of animal companionship. That's why we are committed to identifying programs which people who aren't in a position to adopt or foster but still want animal companionship in their everyday lives. Scientists believe that we are hardwired for animal companionship as our literal survival and evolution depended upon it.

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Interested in getting involved with The Chicago South P.A.A.W.S.?   Reach out to us >>

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