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Going to bat for the welfare of homeless animals in the Chicago Southland through education, advocacy and practical action.

Let's end pet homelessness and save lives!


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Unfortunately more than 6.5 million companion animals end up in U.S. shelters each year. As bad as that is--even worse--many of those animals don't find their forever homes easily, quickly or even make it out alive. 


Chicago South P.A.A.W.S., pet adoption advocacy and welfare society, is a small, but growing social enterprise dedicated to changing those numbers.  We are trying to do that in various ways, with a special emphasis on increasing the number of folks who "adopt, not shop" as well as creating a network of foster advocates and parents to animals in need.


In addition to Chicago South P.A.A.W.S., we blog on adopter/fostering experiences over on Woof & Meow.


We want everyone to know why this cause is so important, share what fostering or adopting a shelter/rescue animal is really like--and most importantly--shine a light on the many joys and rewards that come from helping homeless companion animals find loving, caring homes. 

Outside of our web-based ventures, Chicago South P.A.A.W.S. holds local events and creates projects, including fundraisers to support organizations involved in direct care (or for individual animals in need).

You'll also notice a lot of coverage on animal enrichment and socialization as we cannot say enough about how these help animals become "their best selves." Working with homeless animals to develop into healthy and happy animals increases their chances of finding forever homes and living happily ever after.

So, if you have been...


  • Noodling over whether adopting a shelter or rescue animal is right for you (and how to pick the one for you).

  • Wondering about fostering and other ways to keep pets in your life, especially if you are not ready for full-time "pet ownership" (for now, anyway).

  • Looking for a support network where foster and adoptive pet parents come together to share how-to-tips, experiences, and bond over a love of animals.

  • Trying to get the inside skinny on the people and organizations you've seen on sites like Petfinder, Petango, Adopt-a-Pet etc. that run sheltering, rehoming/adoption, or rescue groups in the Chicago Southland.


Then, check us out...


Chicago South P.A.A.W.S. wants to be your go-to resource--especially for animal lovers in the Chicago South suburbs--for learning more and getting involved.


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

Give Time

Get involved in a Chicago South PAAWS event or project or link up with a shelter or rescue group (epecially if you're interested in direct care)

Donate Money

Make a donation towards a Chicago South PAAWS animal advocacy and welfare projects or give directly to your fave shelter or rescue group‏.

Show Support

Sport animal advocacy gear, walk a sick senior's dog, or comfort someone who has lost a pet to  (just a few examples).