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Facebook Dating!

"Facebook Dating certainly has the potential to disrupt the dating app space for its target demographic, older people, who don’t exactly have a stellar roster of general online matchmaking services catering to them that don’t give off heavy FarmersOnly vibes. Facebook Dating is also conspicuously free of ads, which should help get users ever more glued to the platform by leveraging the deep sense of loneliness many people feel in our late-capitalist hell world.+

Source: Facebook Dating Will Disrupt the Dating App Space (But Not For You)


The millennial (guessing based on Vice's target demographic) author certainly isn't showing us "seasoned" much love: older people (like we're a disease), FarmersOnly vibes (who needs Tinder or HInge anyway), GLUED to the platform (like we have no lives IRL...Smsh).

Okay, I'm not really hurt. When I was young and believing when John Lennon said never trust anyone over 30. Ad singing the Who's "hope I die before I get too old," at the top of my lungs, off-key, I too was dismissive of "those old people."

Which of course included my parents, who in the rear view mirror were like late 30's. What an idiot I was.

But enough about that.

Like many others on FB, Facebook Dating has probably shown up in your feed. I clicked on it a couple of times, but because I was betwixt and between with "On-again, Off-again Guy" I didn't want to step back into online dating yet.

But then a couple of weeks ago, A NOT old person, a young woman from my animal rescue group, mentioned she had joined and thought it a good platform. She talked about meeting someone on there and gone out with maybe 4-5 times.

"He's a good guy, seems promising."

Turns out on the day of their very first date, she got a call from our director asking her to take in a couple of dogs that needed a foster home pronto, or otherwise would be euthanized. She said yes and when she told him, not only did he NOT want to cancel their date but suggested they just hang out at her place as he figured the dogs would be traumatized enough.

He picked up food and some videos. And as she said, was "a perfect gentlemen."

The FB platform selling points she feels are that you can see more of a potential date is like from reading their FB profile and feeds (if they aren't set to private like mine). There is also the potential degrees of separation thing, being connected to someone in your friends network already. FB says they don't co-mingle your online and dating profiles.

Which is hopefully the case as I am planning to give Facebook Dating a try. If I do, I'll let you know what I think.


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