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How Does Match-making Work on Bumble?


When you swipe right on a profile who has swiped right on your profile, Bumble goes "Boom!" and puts you and the person in your match queue. And you can start chatting.

Or ask for a 24-hour Daily Extend to give yourself more time to make the first move. You can even ask for a longer extension, though I haven't tried this option yet. I was stunned when I got matched up, like I heard "Boom" for real. Since I wasn't ready right then and there to message, I asked for the Daily Extend.

Which I promptly forgot about.

And no, there wasn't a way to go back in time and make my move.

Needless to say, I didn't make that mistake after my next two matches. Messaging both immediately (it helped that I was feeling better, having had a very nasty cold and sinus infection for a week).

Then I promptly forgot about it.

Because I'm used to getting "reminders" when there's an interested party from the other sites I'm on (though on PoF it's a sometimes thing). So it was a couple of days before I remembered to check if I got responses.

And I did.

With one guy, I'm not planning to take it further. I had high hopes that he might be a walking buddy. but he doesn't do that in the winter. He didn't respond with any additional info about himself, including stuff he was interested in doing; though in fairness, he did suggest getting together for coffee.

In a one-liner message.


That's the vibe I got from him, so at this point, I'm not planning on making a next conversational move.

And "Guy #2?"

Well turns out, we make a great connection.

Then again, his mini-bio did tick many of my boxes. The downside is he lives 30 miles away. So in my original message, I mentioned being interested in getting to know him, even if we just ended up "texting."

Instead, he initiated a Bumble video chat. A feature, I didn't know the site had. After a lot of frustration trying to get it to work (it's only a feature on the mobile app, for obvious reasons), we connected. And talked well into the evening.

Needless to say, it went well.

Well. Mostly.


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